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Erik Larson Sep 16, 2016 9:00:00 AM

It's no wonder this article is so popular...who doesn't want to make better decisions? As the article says:

"There are apps for just about everything these days. So why not an app that can help you capture and organize ideas and, ultimately, make important decisions? Here are five that do just that."

Of course, we're most excited about app #2, Cloverpop!

"Cloverpop helps you frame decisions using a three step process. First, you get input from key team members and collect their answers. When you make the decision, you can share how you included insight from the team. Then, you can get further input about the decision and get additional feedback. It’s based on behavioral science that says you have to focus your decision and link it to overall goals for the organization."

One of the biggest benefits of Cloverpop is the value of a single source of truth for decision making, which encourages best practices while transparently tracking and communicating key decisions. You can read more details in the article on, or cut to the chase and get a Cloverpop demo today!