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Learn The Decision-Back Approach To Unlock CPG Commercial Growth

The CPG industry is facing unprecedented change. Learn how you can address these challenges by using the Decision-Back™ approach to optimize decision-making for predictable commercial growth.

Decision-Back treats decisions like strategic assets and decision-making like a measurable management process. It creates an actionable map of the critical decisions required for growth to activate fast and consistent decisions driven by intuition, experience and data-driven insights.

This white paper lays out concrete steps that deliver game-changing outcomes.


  • 3 percentage points EBITDA improvement
  • 4.8X higher shareholder return over five years


  • Doubling the rate of successful decisions
  • Cutting average decision time by 50%
  • Reducing wasted analytics spend by 60%
  • Improving employee engagement by 50%
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Free White Paper: A CPG Guide to Decision-Back

Start using Decision-Back to improve your commercial growth via the decision-making process.

This white paper shows you how.

Cloverpop CPG Decision-Back White Paper Cover