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Our Customers

Cloverpop is the Decision Intelligence system of record for leading companies across consumer, retail, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and technology industries.

Companies that leverage Cloverpop drive better decision speed, quality and transparency.

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Learn how leading organizations
transformed their decision-making process.


Improving New Product Launch Success with Decision Intelligence


Driving Future Growth Opportunities through Foresight


Accelerating Clinical Trial Decision-Making for Global Pharma


Streamlining Supply Chain Resilience for Life-Saving Drug


Accelerating Procurement Value with Enterprise Technology Sourcing

What our customers are saying.

"We make so many cross-functional decisions and managing them has always been a mess. The Cloverpop platform improved both our coordination and speed.”

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Director of Insights & Analytics
Major Packaged Foods Company

“Being able to record our decision process and outcomes makes total sense. Eye-opening that we haven’t done this sooner; improves team cohesion, knowledge sharing and most importantly, learning.”

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Vice President
Global Industrial Goods Manufacturer

“We’re in the process of changing our corporate culture and Cloverpop is a key enabler.”

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Chief Transformation Officer
F500 Consumer Goods Company

"Whenever we get things into Cloverpop, our seemingly complex or contentious issues disappear."

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Director of Supply Chain
Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

“Cloverpop’s D-Sight AI has been a big upgrade, we’re truly getting more for less from our brand data and executing with better clarity and predictability.”

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Marketing Director
Major Consumer Goods Company

“Cloverpop made prioritization simple and fast – our priorities are always clear, stakeholders feel involved and heard.”

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IT Director
F100 Consumer Goods Manufacturer