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Decision Services

From The Decision Experts

Leverage our services to make business decisions by instilling effective decision processes, improving collaboration, and recording decisions to learn from results and drive superior performance.

Decision Advisory Services

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Decision Practices Diagnostic


Take advantage of our unique behavioral research spanning a thousand companies to benchmark your company.

We present the results in an executive workshop to give you evidence-based advice.

Then, with a clear diagnosis in hand, we can work together to activate change, build skills and scale success across your organization.

Key Benefits

Benchmark Your Company
Find & Fix Blind Spots
Activate Your Leaders

Engage your managers and execs

Our innovative decision-maker survey is tailored to your company to engage your leaders, highlight where you excel and diagnose where your decision practices fall short.

Engage Managers and Execs

Decision Training

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Engage our expertise to create a targeted and practical live, full-day training session to elevate key decision-making skills.

Improve decision makers’ implementation of core business strategies, craft more nuanced recommendations and engender consistent, high-performance decision-making processes within two weeks.

Key Benefits

Frame the Decision
Generate Insights
Activate Recommendations

The Decision-Back approach

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We will train your decision-makers to use the power of “Decision-Back” analysis and insight generation to ensure a tight focus on solving the right business problems.

Decision Transformation


Transform your organization’s decision culture using our proven methodology to map and assess your current state, define your optimal decision path and craft a plan to get there.

Then we help you implement tools and processes to track, improve and digitize your decision-making processes, starting with the most important decisions first.

Key Benefits

Take a Holistic View
Define Decision Playbooks
Operationalize Tools & Processes

Mapping Your Decision Process

Through interviews and analysis, we will create a clear understanding of the people, processes and outputs underlying your current decision-making activities and build a path to an optimal future.