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Decision Services

Empowering a culture of decisive action

Our Advisory services offer a range of solutions from hands-on decision science and growth strategy to comprehensive transformation and training programs that boost your organization's Decision IQ.


Decision Advisory Services

Decision Analytics & Advisory

Combining foresight analytics & AI with decades of growth strategy experience, we deliver recommendations that drive decisive action.

Decision Transformation

Transformation that delivers a sustained competitive edge in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Decision-Back™ Training

Supercharge your organization's decision-making power with our bespoke Decision-Back™ Training program.

Decision Analytics & Advisory

Transforming complex data into powerful, actionable strategies, we combine our deep analytical and AI capabilities with industry expertise to help you make confident, data-driven decisions that drive growth in the rapidly evolving marketplace.



1. Growth Strategy


4. Forecasting


2. Innovation


5. Revenue Management


3. Integrated Business Planning


6. Foresight Analytics

Decision Transformation

There is no leadership activity more important than decision-making, and no process richer with low-hanging fruit for high-ROI transformational change.

Optimize your decision-making infrastructure, technology and talent with our Decision Transformation approach that delivers a decisive edge in today's dynamic market landscape.

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Benchmark against the best,
then beat them



The Cloverpop Decision IQ assessment measures the quality of your organization's decision-making practices. Benchmarking against an industry  database of 150+ global organizations, DecisionIQ identifies critical gaps and recommends key actions needed to turn decision-making into a competitive  advantage for your organization.

Decision-Back™ Training

Designed to elevate your team's decision-making skills, our tailored training empowers your people to make the best decisions, combining business logic, data and human intuition to drive impactful outcomes and propel your organization's success to new heights.

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Align analytics with business value by thinking Decision-BackTM