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Want to try Cloverpop but can't add apps to your own Slack workspace? Here's what to do.

Erik Larson Sep 28, 2019 9:09:00 AM
Slack + Cloverpop

Slack + CloverpopCloverpop is the easiest way to keep track of decisions in Slack, and the easiest way to understand how it works is add Cloverpop to Slack and give it a try!

But what if you can't add apps to Slack to your workspace on your own? Here are the next best two ways to give it a try.

Trying Cloverpop For Slack The Fun Way

Here is a fun and easy way to give Cloverpop a try if you can't add apps to your own Slack workspace:

1. Join the Cloverpop Community on Slack.

2. Once you join and are logged in to the Cloverpop Community workspace in Slack, go to the Cloverpop app. You will find it at the bottom of the list of channels on the left.

Cloverpop App in Slack


3. You will see a quick summary of features that Cloverpop adds to Slack that looks something like the picture below. If you don't see this, just type "/cp help".

Cloverpop Feature Help in Slack


4. Try the Cloverpop features listed below! If you need a hint, you can always type "/cp help" to show the features, or "/cp list" to see recent decisions.

  • Note before you start: The Cloverpop Community is a real community site, so please avoid sending random or test decisions to real channels or real people. Thank you!
  • Start easy by sending a fun decision poll to the #random channel.
  • Explore by going to the Cloverpop app and sending an announcement from your poll to the #testing channel.
  • Be adventurous by going to the Cloverpop app and requesting approval from Slacker Testeroni (our fake test user) for your recently announced poll.
  • Get curious and type "/cp list" to see a list of recent decisions.


Trying Cloverpop For Slack The Real Way

Trying Cloverpop on our community site can be fun, but the best way to try Cloverpop is in your own workspace with your own team. If you don't have rights to add apps to Slack, try sending this message to your app manager to get things started:

I'd really like to try Cloverpop for Slack, a new app that helps teams like ours keep track of decisions in Slack. The app is free for me to use with our team as long as I want, and looks very easy to use.

We're happy to help if your app manager has any questions. Just go to the #questions channel in the Cloverpop Community and we'll get right back to you!