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About Us

We are on a mission to transform business decision-making, so we created the first Decision Intelligence platform based on a complete system of record for business decisions.

Each year, hundreds of billions of dollars and millions of hours are lost or wasted because of bad decisions. We’re here to fix that. Through our Decision Intelligence platform and decision services, we provide enterprise clients with solutions to structure, collaborate, automate and learn from decisions. We focus primarily on marketing, sales and strategy decision areas. Thanks to our proven technology and process, we remove human biases, increase stakeholder buy-in and drive decision speed and quality.

We are a venture backed start-up led by experienced entrepreneurs and thought leaders in the space of behavioral science, analytics, AI and the future of work. Our clients include Fortune 100 companies in the consumer goods, pharmaceutical and technology industries.


Leadership Team

Cloverpop - Eugene Roytburg

Eugene Roytburg

CEO - Founder - Chairman

Thought leader bringing Data Science, Foresight Analytics/AI, Technology and Business Knowledge to shape the future of business problem solving, decision making, insight/foresight and knowledge creation.

Cloverpop - Lanny Roytburg Photo

Lanny Roytburg

President - CCO - Co-Founder

A leading executive in growth & foresight consulting and analytics solutions helping clients to uncover growth opportunities and develop comprehensive strategies to succeed in tomorrow's marketplace.

Cloverpop - Erik Larson

Erik Larson

CPO - Co-Founder

Expert product executive driving customer-focused, research-driven design and development of the world's first software platform for transforming business decision-making and making the world a better place

Cloverpop - Roger Graves

Roger Graves


Experienced software engineering executive growing a highly productive, agile and happy development team tasked with building a secure, scalable, high-performance, easy-to-use decision software platform.

Board of Directors & Advisors

We are guided by seasoned, executive decision makers
Cloverpop - Johan Aurik

Johan Aurik

Partner and Chairman Emeritus - Kearney
Cloverpop Board of Directors

Executive Decision Making, Management Consulting, Tech Enabled Org Transformation

Cloverpop - Jonathan Ellis

Jonathan Ellis

Cloverpop Board Observer
Managing Partner, Sandalphon Capital

Experienced venture capitalist focused on enterprise SAAS.
Peter Klein

Peter Klein

SVP - Gilette, Nabisco
Managing Partner - Cambridge Group
Founder - PK Associates
Cloverpop Advisory Board

Strategic Consulting, Strategy and Insights

Alan Wolpert

Alan Wolpert

President - Laundry & Home Care, Henkel Corporation
Cloverpop Advisory Board

C-Level Strategy & Decision Making, Startup, Turn Around and Growth
Spencer Pingel

Spencer Pingel

Former SVP of Innovation, Strategy, Insights, Analytics, Colgate
Cloverpop Advisory Board

Executive Strategy, Corporate P&L, Decision Making
Cloverpop - Ravi Parmeswar

Ravi Parmeswar

VP, Global Head Consumer Business Intelligence at J & J
Served in leadership positions at Sara-Lee, Coca-Cola and Citi Group

Data Analytics
Customer Experience
Cloverpop - John Gallop

John Gallop

Cloverpop Board of Directors
Partner, Bolten Park

We partner with talented investment teams to raise capital.
Jon Lewis

John Lewis

Partner - Madison Dearborn Partners
President - Nielsen
Cloverpop Advisory Board

Data Management, Analytics Information Management

Carl Johnson

Carl Johnson

Chairman of Nautilus
Chief Strategy Officer - Smuckers, Campbell Soup
Cloverpop Advisory Board

Executive Strategy
Corporate, Market Strategy
Monica Lopez

Monica Lopez

VP of Marketing - Black & Decker, KC, Danone, P&G
Cloverpop Advisory Board

Executive Leadership, Marketing, Insights Enabled Decision Making
Gillis Jonk

Gillis Jonk

Partner - Kearney
Cloverpop Advisory Board

Strategy and M&A
Elena Alikhachkina

Elena Alikhachkina, PHD

Senior VP & Global Head - Digital Center of Excellence at Roche
CDO Mag Global Data Power Women (2021-23)

Data Driven Innovation
AI and Technology

David Kerr

Cloverpop Board of Directors
Managing Director, Allos Ventures

Enterprise SAAS, Venture capital
Vineet Mehra

Vineet Mehra

Chief Growth, Product and CX Officer @ Good Eggs
Cloverpop Advisory Board

Marketing, Leadership, Strategy, Transformation, Entrepreneurship
Jeff Srour

Jeff Srour

Sr. Vice President HR
Corporate Finance
Business Technology, J&J
Cloverpop Advisory Board

Corporate Technology
Decision, Data and AI
Elyse Kane

Elyse Kane

Former VP of Insights - Colgate NA, Professor of Market Research at Baruch College
Cloverpop Advisory Board

Market Research, Insights, Supporting Enterprise Decision Making
Vivek Sharma

Vivek Sharma

Former CEO of Carlsberg Uzbekistan
VP of Insights/Analytics at Coca-Cola
Cloverpop Advisory Board

Executive Leadership
Decision Making

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