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The Cloverpop Revolution

There is nothing more important than decision making, and yet strangely companies don’t track and communicate the who, what, why and when of decisions they make, let alone the outcome of those decisions. Cloverpop is changing this.

Cloverpop is a platform for a better, faster business decision making process. We re-think business decision making using groundbreaking scientific research and behavioral economic insights...no PhD required. Our powerful and easy to use cloud platform combines team decision making with analysis of the decision process to increase decisiveness across entire organizations. Imagine if your company made 75% better decisions twice as fast with half as many meetings, and increased management performance by up to 20%. That's what we do.

Cloverpop was founded in San Francisco in 2012. We're on a mission to help the world make better decisions. The leadership team has launched over 15 new SaaS products while at Adobe, IBM, Cisco, Domo and Marin Software. Cloverpop is backed by True Ventures, TDF Ventures and Next Coast Ventures.


Erik Larson

Cloverpop is a product of Erik’s desire for people to be happy at work, his passion for building great things and his curiosity about how our brains create our minds, our minds perceive our world, and our world becomes what we decide it to be. An Illinois farm boy turned MIT rocket scientist and Harvard MBA, Erik spent the past decade launching a dozen v1.0 SaaS products at Adobe and Macromedia. He’s also happily married to a wonderful wife with two cute kids and two dazzling dogs. On the weekends you'll find them hiking, biking and skiing around Northern California.