Decision Guru And Hedge Fund Billionaire Ray Dalio Is Crazy Like A Buddha

Ray Dalio runs the largest hedge fund in the world. His personal net worth is $17 billion. Along with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, he pledged to give half of his money to charitable causes. At the same time, his coverage in the press gives the impression of a crazy big-brother approach to decision making at work, where every word and action is video recorded, documented and analyzed.

Guest Blog--On Making Better Decisions: Or, Why We’re Clover the Moon for Cloverpop!


Cloverpop has helped Ian Martin Group"make more inclusive, more transparent and more effective decisions faster." We are honored to re-post this wonderful blog written by Meaghan McDonald.


We're a JMP Securities “Hot 100” Company!

We are excited to announce that Cloverpop has been named a 2017 "Hot 100" privately held software company by JMP Securities, a full-service investment bank. The prestigious "Hot 100" list is selected each year based on an evaluation of multiple criteria, including financial growth, products and services, quality of leadership, customers and market potential.

How The Most Common Emotions Affect Business Decision Making And What To Do About It

We all know that our emotions affect our decisions. In fact, scientists have found that without emotions we become completely ineffective at making decisions.

Why Great Project Managers Are Great Decision-Makers

In the recent TechRepublic article "10 Skills You Need to Become a Great Project Manager", Alison DeNisco laid out what the C-suite recognizes as essential to great project management. Not surprisingly, strategic thinking, communication and risk management were all recognized as key ingredients to successful leadership. Another key attribute? Decision-making judgment, of course.

Here's What 9 Personality Types Say About Your Decision Making At Work

“By the time you’re 30 years old, you’ve probably noticed there is a relationship between your strengths and weaknesses at work,” said executive coach Delynn Copley of the Copley Group in our recent interview. “Everyone has a set of gifts and talents, and they are often directly related to how we get in our own way. The overuse of any strength can easily turn into a weakness.”

3 Decision-Making Strategies To Scale Agile At Your Company

These days everyone is agile, or lean, or both. According to VersionOne's 2016 State of Agile Report, 95% of all companies now practice agile innovation methods. Agile teams just work better. So it often happens that once companies conquer team-level agility, they turn their focus to scaling enterprise agility, all the way to the C-suite.

Why Anger Derails Decision-Making Teams--And 5 Ways to Fix It

Angry business teams make bad decisions. Here's what to do about it. (Shutterstock)
Feelings are running high in America today. A search on Google News for the word “outrage” brings up 4.4 million results.  Since emotions are contagious , there’s a bigger chance of running into angry people at work these days, too. And when anger spills over into the workplace, it can cause real damage to team decision making.

Here's What You Can Learn From Tom Brady When Making Decisions At Work

Love him or hate him, we can all learn something from Super Bowl champion Tom Brady. Not how to be calm in the pocket or the greatest quarterback of all time. But how to make better decisions at work. This isn’t a story of Tom Brady’s secret business acumen, or a dig at his preference for flabby footballs. It’s a story of how to tell when you have enough experience to really know what you’re doing, and when you don’t. When it comes to decision making at work, most of the time you're no Tom Brady. Here's what to do about it.

 Here's What You Can Learn From Tom Brady When Making Decisions At Work o. (AP  Photo/Brad  Penner)

Forbes: Use These Six Simple Decision-Making Metrics To Kill Meetings And Emails

Leadership and management are largely about judgment and decisiveness, so it’s no surprise a Bain & Co study found that decision making drives 95% of business performance.