Cloverpop's software platform improves how decisions work in your organization. It's a simple and entirely new idea. You'll never see decisions the same way again.


Easily record, communicate and track decisions.  See decisions across your organization as they are made. Keep everyone on the same page.


Make decisions 2x faster with 20% better results. Frame decisions to focus attention on what matters. Get rapid input across teams and time zones.


Follow up on results for precise execution. Find and fix weak links to improve accountability. Increase inclusion and de-bias the process.

Cloverpop Digital Decision Dashboard

Why your organization needs a system of record for decisions.

Decision making drives 95% of business performance. Companies make huge investments in talent, training and technology to improve data-driven decisions. But the real problem is not people or data. It's that the decision process is broken. Without a system to manage and measure decisions and reinforce best practices, people fall back to old habits, leading to slow and inconsistent improvement.

With no single source of truth to communicate, track and improve decisions, the result is a digital decision gap leaves our decision practices stuck in the past. People are left out of the loop. Decisions get delayed and rehashed. Corporate amnesia sets in. Bad decisions stick around. Innovation drags. Delegation lags. Transparency clouds over. Accountability falters.

Work doesn’t have to be that way. Digital transformation of decisions promises better decision practices. Cloverpop fulfills that promise by digitizing the decisions that make your business happen, so everyone can work with clarity of purpose, speed, and confidence.

Innovate faster. Stay on the same page. Delegate transparently with full trust and accountability. Learn more.

7 Breakthrough Decision Practices: New research reveals these are the benchmarks to beat. 

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1) Decision

We start by benchmarking your org's decision practices to pinpoint problems and make a plan.


2) Decision

Together we target the first key decision processes to jump-start positive change with early wins.


3) Awesome

Next we teach your people how to use Cloverpop for high-performance decision practices.


4) Scalable

Now with the platform in place, we work with you to scale adoption and drive continuous improvement.

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Digital transformation is a mass extinction event. The pressure to innovate has never been higher. It is time for a new approach.

What are you doing to close the digital decision gap at your company?

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