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Easily poll, announce, approve and keep track of decisions in Slack for faster, better decision-making.

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Use Cloverpop to keep track of decisions and drive faster, better decision practices at your company.

Solve Decisions In Slack

Keep track of decisions no matter where they happen in Slack. Decide faster with polls, announcements and approvals. Decisions, solved!

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Diagnose and Train

Master proven high-performance decision practices with training and coaching customized for your organization.

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Scale To The Enterprise

Drive decision improvements across your organization and measure results with Cloverpop’s system of record for decisions.

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Decision Practices Benchmark

Great companies need great decision practices.

Decision practices drive 95% of performance. Where does your team stand?

Our companies make huge investments in talent and technology to innovate and compete in a rapidly changing world. But the real problem is not people or data. It's that our decision practices are stuck in the past.

Cloverpop can help your company zero in on your specific issues and drive improvements. Make decisions faster with fewer meetings. Stop reopening and rehashing decisions. Delegate decisions with full transparency. Keep your entire team on the same page so you can move quickly.

7 Breakthrough Decision Practices: New research reveals these are the benchmarks to beat.

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1) Benchmarks

Benchmark and compare your decision practices against other companies.


2) Hotspots

Every company is different. Find your blind spots to know where to focus.


3) Insights

Get insight into different parts of your organization to learn and improve.


4) Action Plans

Drive the results you need with a practical, measurable, customized action plan.

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