Cloverpop Product Update: A System of Record for Decisions

We are proud to announce that Cloverpop now provides the only system of record for business decisions, allowing you to track, communicate and improve decisions across the enterprise.

Cloverpop began as a solution for helping companies and teams make better, faster decisions together. We speed up decision-making by allowing stakeholders to weigh in quickly, sans meetings, and by leading users through quick steps to defeat biases, avoid groupthink and find better choices.

We’ve spent the past year extending the core product to make Cloverpop a true system of record for your business decisions. You can now use Cloverpop to record and track all of your business decisions. You can easily share the "who, what and why" of those decisions with everyone who needs to know. You can search for and find important decisions. And you can analyze and improve decision practices across your company.