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Cloverpop’s Decision Playbooks Are A Game Changer

Sam Kishinevsky Mar 18, 2022 6:00:00 AM

Last week, our fantastic product team of American and Ukrainian developers released a game-changing update to Cloverpop’s decision playbooks. Here’s what that means for you.

Decision playbooks allow organizations to publish templates with guided best practices for specific management decisions. This allows your organization to capture and share institutional knowledge, turning tacit experience into explicit guidelines. As a result, the guides empower less experienced team members and ensure consistent, fast, high-quality decisions across an organization.

Enhanced Templates For Decision-Making

Decision playbooks build on the decision tree templates at the core of the Cloverpop platform. Decision trees are a structured set of questions that create a logical framework for the decision. Playbooks provide additional guidance about how to make the decision.


This playbook guidance includes high-level decision considerations like:

  • How to frame up and structure the overall decision.
  • Who to include on the decision-making team.
  • How to categorize the decision for record-keeping and post-mortem analysis.


The playbooks also include detailed notes for answering each question in the decision tree, including suggested data sources.

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Putting Decision Playbooks To Work In Your Organization

Once decision playbooks are in place, everyone in your organization can confidently make key decisions quickly and consistently, learning from past experience and continuously improving the process.

Our Decision Success advisors can work with you to identify which decisions are best suited for your first decision playbooks. Then, in teach-you-to-fish mode, they provide strategic advice about structuring the decision trees and efficiently capturing playbook guidance for maximum effect.

To learn more, schedule a demo today!