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Cloverpop Was Acquired By Clearbox Decisions!

Erik Larson Jul 27, 2021 11:14:33 AM
Cloverpop by Clearbox Decisions Logo

We have exciting news to share -- Cloverpop was acquired by Clearbox Decisions, Inc., which offers a comprehensive enterprise solution for better, faster business decisions!

The integration of the two companies is moving rapidly. Cloverpop is the primary go-to-market brand for the company and provides the software component of the solution, including robust decision trees for structuring, collaborating and keeping track of decisions. To date, Cloverpop has helped manage over 20,000 business decisions through its SOC-2, enterprise ready platform.

“Most decision-making processes are still stuck in the 17th century, it’s pre-digital,” said Clearbox Decisions founder and CEO Dr. Eugene Roytburg. “With Cloverpop, we can provide a 21st century system of record for enterprise decisions. Leveraging the existing Cloverpop software platform and world-class product team means we’re entering the market with a robust solution a year or two ahead of the competition.”

The entire Cloverpop product team will be joining the Clearbox Decisions team to drive ongoing software development, with Roger Graves as Chief Technical Officer and Erik Larson as Chief Product Officer.

“Eugene’s vision of more structured business decision-making integrated with highly relevant data is inspiring,” Larson said. “It’s a perfect complement to the behavioral science focus of the work we’ve been doing with Cloverpop.”

The two companies have been working in partnership for the past several months, and are already delivering the combined solution to Fortune 500 customers in consumer industries. The Cloverpop Slack and Microsoft Teams apps will continue to be supported as standalone apps and included as features of the overall enterprise solution.

“Cloverpop enables decision decentralization, agility, speed, transformation, and engagement, without losing control/coordination…while giving more control, actually,” said Johan Aurik, Clearbox Decisions board member and Chairman Emeritus of management consulting firm Kearney. “It’s every CEOs dream!”

You can learn more about the new combined solution on We'll continue to roll out more information about the new solution in the coming weeks!