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Exciting New Decision Tree Editor with Training Videos

Sam Kishinevsky May 26, 2022 8:50:53 AM


We have an exciting update to share! Today, our team released an update to the decision tree editor in the Cloverpop Web App which will greatly reduce the effort required to create and edit decision trees. Below, you can find key features and updated training videos.

Decision Tree Editor: Key Feature Updates

  • Drag and drop to re-order drivers / sub-questions 
  • Simplified adding of new drivers / sub-questions (Clicking a + sign to add) 
  • Simplified editing of drivers / sub-questions (Clicking a pencil logo to edit)
  • Improved visibility: you are now able to view the tree editor and decision tree at the same time (see screenshot above)

Updated training videos are below.


Creating New Decisions 

How to create a decision from scratch: Create a new decision tree within your organization from a blank decision. 


How to create a decision from a template: Create a new decision tree within your organization by leveraging a pre-created template. 


Contributing to Decisions 

How to edit the decision (decision manager):Edit the decision context, categories, collaborators, and data sources.


Where to find "in-flight" and completed decisions:Navigate the Cloverpop app to find current and past decisions. 


How to answer a question: Contribute to decisions by answering questions on sub-branches of a decision tree. 


How to chat and comment: Use the built-in collaboration features within decision trees.



How to make a decision/recommendation:Record a final decision/recommendation once your decision tree is sufficiently complete.