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Cloverpop Blog

Cloverpop’s blog explores how the Decision Intelligence revolution is changing business leadership.

By modernizing decision-making processes, organizations can enhance efficiency and productivity, foster a culture of innovation and creativity, and ultimately drive organizational success.

5 Steps To Achieving Decision Flow At Your Company

Poor decision-making processes have a massive negative impact on employee engagement – it’s hard to be fulfilled by work if you are unempowered, left out of the loop and..

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Simple Sabotage Field Manual

A Spy’s Guide To Making Bad Decisions

In 1944, the federal government published a confidential manual called the Strategic Services Simple Sabotage Field Manual No. 3 as a practical guide to sabotage. Authored by the..

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Manik Aryapadi Joins Cloverpop as a Board of Advisor Member

Manik Aryapadi joins Clearbox Decisions Inc., maker of the Cloverpop Decision Intelligence platform ( as a member of the Advisory Board. Manik is a former..

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Executive making a decision with stakeholders.

Great Storytellers Are Not Great Decision-Makers... But They Can Be

Almost every successful business leader is an expert storyteller. They use stories to motivate employees and investors to achieve shared goals.

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Cloverpop Welcomes Elena Alikhachkina As Board Of Advisor Member

Today, Cloverpop ( welcomes Elena Alikhachkina as a Board of Advisor Member. Elena Alikhachkina, Ph.D., is a transformational tech and data executive with more..

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Gartner’s Decision Intelligence Trend Is Taking Off. What Took So Long?

Decision intelligence has been a tech buzzword for several years. Still, it wasn't until 2022 that Gartner named it a Top Trend and put a clear definition in place. By doing so,..

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Ravi Parmeswar Joins Cloverpop as a Board of Advisor Member

Today, Ravi Parmeswar joins Clearbox Decisions Inc., maker of the Cloverpop Decision Intelligence platform ( as a Board of Advisor member. Over the last seven..

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How To Use The Decision-Back Approach To Elevate Insights & Analytics

Over the past several decades, organizations have invested vast resources in data infrastructure to improve decision success, but the results are mixed. A new approach called..

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Decision Intelligence

How Decision Intelligence Will Finally Change Decision-Making From Mystical To Mundane

Technology research and consulting firm Gartner, Inc. identified Decision Intelligence as a top strategic trend for 2022. Analyst Dr. Pieter J. den Hamer begins his detailed..

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Can Market Researchers Save The Day By Becoming Decision Scientists?

Decision-making is both the most important and most poorly managed business activity. These two numbers tell the tale:

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How To Drive CPG Growth From Within Using The Decision-Back Approach

The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is experiencing unprecedented change. CPG leaders were already struggling to navigate a more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous..

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Since Data Scientists Don’t Do Business Decisions – Businesses Need Decision Scientists

Twenty years ago, there was a great reckoning in the market research industry. After spending decades mastering the collection and analysis of survey data, the banality of..

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