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Cloverpop’s blog explores how the Decision Intelligence revolution is changing business leadership.

Top companies are 2.5 times more likely to make successful innovation decisions.

Five Reasons Why Innovation Decisions Succeed 2.5X More Often At Top Companies

Innovation is critical for business success. One McKinsey survey found that 84% of executives agree that innovation is the key to growth, and their 2021 global survey found that..

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Simple Sabotage Field Manual

A Spy’s Guide To Making Bad Decisions

In 1944, the federal government published a confidential manual called the Strategic Services Simple Sabotage Field Manual No. 3 as a practical guide to sabotage. Authored by the..

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Decision IQ Study Finds Only 15 Percent Of Companies Are Decision Leaders – Here’s How The Rest Can Catch Up

Our recent Decision IQ research found that fewer that one in six companies have a powerful combination of consistently strong decision-making processes, excellent execution and..

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Cloverpop Decision IQ Benchmark Survey Maturity Levels Scatterplot

New Decision IQ Research Of 160 Companies Reveals Skills Separating Leaders From Stragglers

Conventional management wisdom emphasizes aligning company goals, properly resourcing projects, and executing tasks according to plan. The implicit assertion is that this..

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