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Ravi Parmeswar Joins Cloverpop as a Board of Advisor Member

Katie Moore Mar 27, 2023 11:27:02 AM

Today, Ravi Parmeswar joins Clearbox Decisions Inc., maker of the Cloverpop Decision Intelligence platform ( as a Board of Advisor member.  Over the last seven years, Ravi served as Vice President of Global Business Intelligence at Johnson & Johnson, building a best-in-class data science and analytics operation - driving precision marketing, CRM, RGM, e-commerce, digital analytics, while expanding the role to include performance management, business/portfolio strategy, and competitive intelligence.

As a senior leader, Parmeswar has built world-class global teams for iconic companies such as Citi, Blackrock, Sara Lee, and The Coca-Cola Company.  He has launched marquee brands, coached high-performance teams, implemented breakthrough technologies, and achieved significant financial growth for those organizations. 

"Much of the current application of AI is about getting faster, better information, analysis, and insights/foresights to help drive better decisions.  However, analysis and insights by itself does not drive business outcomes.  Winning organizations have mastered the art of agile decision making and this is seamlessly integrated into their business process and go-to-market DNA,” said Ravi Parmeswar,  Cloverpop’s newest Board of Advisor member. “Using the power of AI to drive better decisions and execution is the holy grail and will lead to best-in-class business results.  The true value of AI is when we focus on driving agile decisions which need an end-to-end automation of the decision-making process.  Decisions are not made in a vacuum but have to live within a company's business ecosystem tied to the company's culture and go-to-market strategies. This is a true multiplier of the value of Cloverpop."  

“Ravi Parmeswar has been an innovative leader in all prior roles, transforming how decisions should be made in the future,” said Eugene Roytburg, CEO and Co-Founder of Cloverpop by Clearbox Decisions. “We are very lucky to have Ravi and his wealth of knowledge across numerous categories of business join Cloverpop as a Board of Advisor member.”


About Cloverpop By Clearbox Decisions, Inc.

Decision-making is your company’s most valuable asset.  Cloverpop is the go-to enterprise decision intelligence platform to drive better, faster decision-making across your organization, turning decision-making into a competitive advantage.

The Cloverpop platform helps teams scale great decisions by streamlining decision processes, automating recommendations with AI, and improving collaboration.  Cloverpop is the only system of record to track, learn from and improve on your most critical commercial decisions.