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Cloverpop’s blog explores how the Decision Intelligence revolution is changing business leadership.

Halloween is a perfect time to turn attention to the ghost and zombie decisions that haunt the halls of your company.

Two Tricks To Banish Ghost Decisions And Conquer The Zombies

Halloween is a perfect time to turn attention to the ghost and zombie decisions that haunt the halls of your company, spooking productivity and draining away employee engagement.

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Top companies are 2.5 times more likely to make successful innovation decisions.

Five Reasons Why Innovation Decisions Succeed 2.5X More Often At Top Companies

Innovation is critical for business success. One McKinsey survey found that 84% of executives agree that innovation is the key to growth, and their 2021 global survey found that..

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By modernizing decision-making processes, organizations can enhance efficiency and productivity, foster a culture of innovation and creativity, and ultimately drive organizational success.

5 Steps To Achieving Decision Flow At Your Company

Poor decision-making processes have a massive negative impact on employee engagement – it’s hard to be fulfilled by work if you are unempowered, left out of the loop and..

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Simple Sabotage Field Manual

A Spy’s Guide To Making Bad Decisions

In 1944, the federal government published a confidential manual called the Strategic Services Simple Sabotage Field Manual No. 3 as a practical guide to sabotage. Authored by the..

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Three Decision-Centric Questions To Clarify ChatGPT Hype And Guide Your AI Strategy

Three Decision-Centric Questions To Clarify ChatGPT Hype And Guide Your AI Strategy

Earlier this year, ChatGPT yanked artificial intelligence (AI) out of computer science abstraction and science fiction fantasy and into the pragmatic conversations of regular..

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Cloverpop D-Sight AI Brand Tracker Analysis, Insights & Recommendations

Enhancing Brand Tracker Analysis with D-Sight™ AI: A Game-Changer for Data-Driven Decision-Making

Brand tracking is a pivotal tool for businesses striving to maintain a pulse on their brands' market performance that gathers crucial insights into brand perception, customer..

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Cloverpop Decision Intelligence Platform

Cloverpop’s Human-First, AI-Based Decision Intelligence Platform

Should we change our pricing strategy? What new products should our company develop? How do we address customer demand? Companies make millions of decisions like this every year...

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ChatGPT and Cloverpop Integration

New Cloverpop ChatGPT Integration For Better, Faster Decision Brainstorming

We are excited to release the powerful integration between our Cloverpop Decision Intelligence Platform and OpenAI’s ChatGPT generative AI! Six months in the making, this new..

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Manik Aryapadi Joins Cloverpop as a Board of Advisor Member

Manik Aryapadi joins Clearbox Decisions Inc., maker of the Cloverpop Decision Intelligence platform ( as a member of the Advisory Board. Manik is a former..

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Executive making a decision with stakeholders.

Great Storytellers Are Not Great Decision-Makers... But They Can Be

Almost every successful business leader is an expert storyteller. They use stories to motivate employees and investors to achieve shared goals.

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Cloverpop Welcomes Elena Alikhachkina As Board Of Advisor Member

Today, Cloverpop ( welcomes Elena Alikhachkina as a Board of Advisor Member. Elena Alikhachkina, Ph.D., is a transformational tech and data executive with more..

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Forbes: How Amazon Uses Faster, Better Decisions To Keep Innovating Like A Startup

“Every day at Amazon is Day 1,” according to its founder Jeff Bezos. He has reminded employees of this for decades -- Amazon will never stop being a startup. He even went so far..

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