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Get Early Access To Cloverpop For Slack Today

Erik Larson Aug 13, 2019 8:30:00 AM
Slack + Cloverpop

Early access to Cloverpop for Slack is here! Give it a try yourself or share this with your friendly neighborhood Slack guru and get three months free when we launch:


Cloverpop for Slack is simple yet powerful. The more you and your team use it, the easier and more transparent decisions become.

Get started with these three quick slash commands to streamline your decision-making:

Active/cp poll to invite teammates to weigh in on decisions you're driving.

Active/cp announce to tell teammates about new decisions that impact them.

Active/cp approve to run decisions up the flag pole for sign-off.

No more forgetting, rehashing or feeling out of the loop -- just use these two super-powered slash commands:

Active/cp list to see and act on decisions that affect you.

Active/cp search [keywords] to search all your team's decisions.

This early access program gives you a unique chance to guide our product direction, and we’re always up for a chat! Just join us in the Slack Cloverpop Community to give us product feedback and suggestions, ask our gurus for coaching on tough decision challenges, or geek out on behavioral science and decision-making.

Also, anyone who adds Cloverpop to Slack during the early access program will get three months of the paid service free when we launch.

So don't delay, add Cloverpop to Slack  today and see how smooth decisions can be!