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Posted by Erik Larson on Aug 23, 2021 12:14:09 PM

Our President/COO and co-founder, Lanny Roytburg, was interviewed by the technology news magazine Chicago Inno!

Chicago Inno

From the article:

"Despite advancements in data analytics and other tools that help companies make decisions, businesses have historically lacked a system for tracking the outcome of those decisions themselves. Did the data lead to a good decision? How long did it take to make that decision? Who was responsible for the decision, and was every relevant team member able to collaborate on it?

Those are the questions Chicago startup Clearbox wants to help companies answer. The startup, through its core software product Cloverpop, has created a platform for businesses to make better decisions. Its software allows companies to better track, collaborate on and learn from their decision-making.

Ultimately, the startup is making what it calls the "Salesforce for decision making," Clearbox co-founder Lanny Roytburg said."

Head to Chicago Inno to read more.

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