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Erik Larson

I am the founder of, an app for decision-driven work. I’m also an Illinois farm boy turned MIT rocket scientist, Harvard MBA and decorated U.S. Air Force Captain who ended up part of the Silicon Valley tech revolution. After 15 years building businesses for Macromedia and Adobe, I decided to found my own. Cloverpop is a product of my desire for people to be happy at work, passion for building great products and curiosity about how our brains create our minds, our minds perceive our world, and our world becomes what we decide. Building Cloverpop, I’ve been immersed in the science of decision making, performing hundreds of experiments with researchers at Stanford and elsewhere to understand--and fix--decision making at work. Our research has been published in Harvard Business Review, and I’m a frequent speaker and writer on both entrepreneurial leadership and the business impact of behavioral science.

cognitive dissonance

The 10-Minute No Pain, No Gain Secret to Better Decisions

It’s counterintuitive, but science shows that to make good decisions, you must learn to ignore the pain of holding conflicting ideas in your head. Here’s why.

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5 Proven Ways to Find More Choices and Be More Right

You need to decide, but there’s no momentum. You want to make the right choice, but the team isn’t seeing eye-to-eye. You’re worried about getting buy-in no matter what path you..

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3 Best Practices for High Performance Decision-Making Teams

Whether you call them teams, committees, boards or task forces, we all know that groups outperform individuals. Teams do better not only because they put more people to work on a..

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Cloverpop...What's in a Name?

Last month, after the thousandth time explaining/spelling the company name (Wahanegi) and the prototype name (Wyzyr), I finally got my act together and did some real branding..

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Prototype versus Beta

A few people have asked what we mean by 'prototype.' Why we don't just call it a 'beta' like so many startups do? Because it isn't. Here is a quick explanation.

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How to Make Wise Decisions

Decisions are the hardest part of life, the times when we set out and take fate in our hands. The word "decision" is stark – it comes from the Latin decidere, meaning to cut off...

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