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Cloverpop’s blog explores how the Decision Intelligence revolution is changing business leadership.


Here's What You Can Learn From Tom Brady When Making Decisions At Work

Love him or hate him, we can all learn something from Super Bowl champion Tom Brady. Not how to be calm in the pocket or the greatest quarterback of all time. But how to make..

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Forbes: Six Simple Decision Practice Metrics To Kill Bad Meetings And Emails

Business leadership is largely about judgment and decisiveness. So it's no surprise that a Bain & Company study found that decision practices drive 95% of business performance...

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Forbes: Make Your New Year's Resolutions Like A Boss 2017 - The Decision-Driven Secret

Over 100 million Americans resolve to make a change in the new year, and most of them fail. For busy managers and executives, work is a big reason why. It’s pretty obvious when..

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Woman on a path considering possible resolutions

Cloverpop Research Shows Decisions Have 3X Greater Impact Than Goals (And Resolutions)

Four Cloverpop studies show that decision making has three times greater impact on business results than goal setting. The studies included a project researching New Year's..

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Forbes: Two Lessons For Business Decision Makers From Election 2016

No one thought Trump was going to win. Near the end, not even Trump himself seemed to think he would win. Yet win he did. And yesterday the decision makers of the electoral..

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Cloverpop Enterprise Decision Making Platform

It's Official! Cloverpop Raises $6.2M for Our Mission to Eliminate Meetings and Speed Up Decision Making Using Behavioral Science

Today we announced $6.2M in a Series A funding! TDF Ventures and True Ventures led the round, with additional investments from Next Coast Ventures and private investors. This..

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Cloverpop Dreamforce Booth

Should You Exhibit at Dreamforce? 8 Magic Things We Learned

We weren’t planning to exhibit at Dreamforce Cloud Expo until we learned that Cloverpop was selected as one of ten top semi-finalists for the Dreampitch competition. That was a..

Read More 5 Apps To Help You Make Better Decisions

It's no wonder this article is so popular...who doesn't want to make better decisions? As the article says:

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What Does Cloverpop Mean?

Cloverpop is an unusual name for a serious B2B software company, so naturally people ask what it means. Fortunately, we have a great answer!

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Why the Heck Don't Companies Make Better Decisions?

We make decisions to get what we want. In business, managers and executives make most important decisions. In other words, decisions made by managers and executives are the key to..

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We got funded! $1.8M from True, TDF and Angels

Today we announced our $1.8M in seed funding! With investors of the caliber of Jon Callaghan at True Ventures, Steve Mankoff at TDF Ventures and an all-star group of angel..

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How to Get Past Emotional Bias to Make Better Decisions

Emotions are the two-edged sword of decision making. They help us get what we want, and they hold us back. Sometimes following our gut is a source of genius, but most often it’s a..

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