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Case Study

Accelerating Clinical Trial Decision-Making for Global Pharma


Our client, a global pharmaceutical company, faced the challenge of evaluating multiple developmental drugs to determine which should be advanced to the next phase of clinical trials. This decision required input from multiple teams across various functional groups within the organization. Given the high stakes involved and financial implications in the millions of dollars, the client sought a solution to streamline and expedite the decision-making process. The objective was to identify the most promising drug candidate to advance while considering all key clinical trial requirements.


The client's existing decision-making process for
advancing drugs to clinical trials was complex and time-consuming. The involvement of multiple teams across six functional groups added to the challenges. Coordinating inputs, aligning on criteria and gathering feedback from stakeholders within the organization were significant hurdles. The client needed a solution that could facilitate collaboration, streamline the decision-making process, and ensure that all critical clinical trial requirements were considered. Without an efficient approach, decision-making was delayed, resulting in missed opportunities and potential financial


To address the client's challenges, Cloverpop developed a comprehensive decision playbook solution. The decision playbook established clear guidelines and criteria for evaluating and selecting the most suitable drug candidate for advancement to the next phase of clinical trials. Leveraging Cloverpop's collaboration platform, teams from all six functional groups were able to provide input and feedback in a structured and streamlined manner. The solution ensured that all key clinical trial requirements were considered, allowing for informed decision-making.


The implementation of Cloverpop's solution yielded significant results for the client. The development of the decision playbook and the utilization of the Cloverpop collaboration platform led to a 50% faster time to decision. The streamlined process enabled efficient coordination and alignment among the multiple teams involved, reducing delays and accelerating the decision-making timeline. As a result, the client experienced faster action to trial, allowing them to bring promising drug candidates to clinical trials sooner. The expedited decision-making process delivered an estimated value of $1.5 million in cost savings and the ability to capture market opportunities more quickly. Overall, Cloverpop's solution enabled the client to make informed decisions on advancing drugs to clinical trials, improving efficiency, and driving significant value for their pharmaceutical development pipeline.