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Case Study

Accelerating Procurement Value with Enterprise Technology Sourcing


Our client, an international consumer packaged goods (CPG) company, faced the challenge of procuring new ERP modules. The procurement process involved a high-value contract that impacted multiple functions within the organization, including Marketing, Sales, Analytics, Consumer Insights and IT. The decision at hand was to select the most suitable ERP provider that would meet the company's requirements. To ensure an informed decision-making process, the client aimed to create a comprehensive decision playbook that would assess and weigh the trade-offs between various vendors.


The ERP procurement process presented several
complications for our client. The decision had far-reaching implications, affecting multiple functions within the organization. Coordinating input from various stakeholders, evaluating the capabilities of different ERP providers, and considering the long-term impact on the company's operations were complex tasks. Without a structured approach to the decision-making process, the client faced delays, inefficiencies, and the potential risk of selecting an inadequate ERP solution. Streamlining the process and facilitating collaboration among stakeholders were critical factors in achieving a successful outcome.


Cloverpop provided a comprehensive solution to address the challenges in ERP procurement. The first step involved creating a decision playbook that outlined the criteria, evaluation process, and trade-offs to consider when selecting an ERP provider. This playbook provided a structured framework for decision-making, ensuring all relevant factors were considered. Leveraging the Cloverpop platform, the client enabled asynchronous collaboration among stakeholders. Each stakeholder had the opportunity to provide their expertise and perspective throughout the decision model, enabling a comprehensive evaluation of the potential ERP providers.


The implementation of Cloverpop's solution yielded significant results for the client. By creating a decision playbook and leveraging the collaborative capabilities of the platform, the client streamlined the ERP procurement process. As a result, the client saved approximately 160 days in the procurement timeline, accelerating the implementation of the new ERP modules. Additionally, the streamlined process and informed decision-making led to approximately $300,000 in savings, ensuring cost-effectiveness in selecting the ERP provider. Furthermore, the accelerated value delivery allowed the client to quickly leverage the benefits of the new ERP system and enhance operational efficiency across functions. Overall, Cloverpop's solution enabled the client to make an informed decision in selecting an ERP provider, saving time, reducing costs, and driving value for the organization.