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Case Study

Streamlining Supply Chain Resilience for Life-Saving Drug


Our client, a global pharmaceutical company, faced a critical situation when their life-saving drug, which relied on over 130 unique inputs, experienced delays in the delivery of a vital raw material. These delays significantly impacted production, leading to shortages of the drug and potentially compromising patient lives. Swift decision-making was crucial to mitigate the supply chain issues and identify alternative suppliers. The decision at hand was determining the best course of action to address the supply issues related to the raw material at the affected site.


The delays in raw material delivery created substantial complications for our client. The shortage of the life-saving drug not only put patient lives at risk but also led to revenue losses and tarnished the company's reputation. The challenge lay in making timely and informed decisions to mitigate the supply chain disruption. Coordinating efforts across teams, identifying alternative suppliers, and resolving the issue promptly were critical factors in ensuring a stable supply of the life-saving drug. Without a streamlined approach, the client faced extended production delays, continued shortages, and financial repercussions.


Cloverpop deployed a comprehensive solution to address the urgent supply chain challenges using decision playbooks that outlined the necessary steps to resolve supplier shortages. These playbooks provided clear guidelines and best practices for effectively mitigating supply chain disruptions. Leveraging the Cloverpop platform, the client improved speed and collaboration in resolving the issue by facilitating seamless communication and coordination among teams involved in the decision-making process. Furthermore, the platform allowed for clear record-keeping of issue resolutions, ensuring that valuable insights and lessons learned were captured for future reference.


The implementation of Cloverpop's solution delivered significant results for the client. By deploying the playbooks and enhancing speed and collaboration, the client was able to recover quickly from the supply chain disruptions. Over 150,000 doses of the life-saving drug were delivered sooner, ensuring timely availability to patients in need. The improved supply chain resilience and swift decision-making helped the client recover approximately $9 million in revenue that would have otherwise been lost due to prolonged shortages. Additionally, the time to resolution was cut in half, enabling the client to respond promptly to future disruptions and minimize their impact. Overall, Cloverpop's solution enabled the client to address supply chain challenges effectively, safeguard patient lives and enhancing financial outcomes through optimized operations and decision-making.