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Decision Back Podcast: Scaling Foresight With Kalindi Mehta Of Estée Lauder

Lanny Roytburg Feb 27, 2023 2:51:34 PM
The latest episode of the Decision Back Podcast introduces the visionary voice of Kalindi Mehta, Vice President of Foresight and Predictive Analytics at the Estée Lauder Companies. Kalindi shines a light on her recipe for successful foresight initiatives, combining human empathy + data to bring a future lens to innovation, media planning, building brands and creating new go-to-market strategies.
We discuss why foresight-driven decision-making is important for the near- and long-term success of organizations, and how leading companies scale foresight.

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About Decision Back Podcast

As the name suggests, Decision Back is a podcast about, you guessed it - Decisions! More specifically, how do you make better decisions in business and in life, by thinking about decisions you make more thoughtfully and strategically? We will be bringing together thought leaders in the space of decision science, those making critical decisions in the public and private sectors, and entrepreneurs building solutions to improve decision-making.