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Why Great Project Managers Are Great Decision-Makers

Karen Tomlinson Mar 14, 2017 10:58:02 AM

iStock_000070429181_Medium-1.jpgIn the recent TechRepublic article "10 Skills You Need to Become a Great Project Manager", Alison DeNisco laid out what the C-suite recognizes as essential to great project management. Not surprisingly, strategic thinking, communication and risk management were all recognized as key ingredients to successful leadership. Another key attribute? Decision-making judgment, of course.

Our founder and CEO Erik Larson was an expert source for this article, which rightly points out that great decision-making is not about on the spot decisions but is rather about being able to track, manage and learn from all decisions over time.

As Erik explained:

"Great project managers drive clear decisions about priorities and plans at the beginning of their projects to make sure their teams are pointed in the right direction. They also quickly resolve decisions about changes to project scope, schedule and staffing as they occur, out in the open and engaging the team. They keep a record of what was decided, why, who was involved, and what else was considered, to maintain accountability if people try to renegotiate the team's choices after the fact."

Indeed, one of the most exciting features of Cloverpop is its powerful decision database, which tracks critical details of the process and its results. By measuring the decision-making process, enterprises can gain insights needed to take charge of this most important business activity, getting better results faster.

If you are a project manager, take this article's advice and give Cloverpop a try on us. We thinking you'll find that great decision-making will help will all those other key attributes on the list, from team empowerment to communication. And we'll definitely make you look tech savvy!