The inclusive decision-making platform for leading global companies.

87% Better Decisions

Purposefully include diverse views in the decision-making process to make better decisions. Getting the right people involved is as easy as adding the right names to an invite.

2X Faster Decision Making

Stop careless mistakes to speed up decisions. Checklists are boring -- but they work. Let Cloverpop check the boxes in the background so your business teams don’t have to.

Transparent Decision Metrics

Shine a light to accelerate change. Data is your ally, and transparency is the winning strategy. What gets measured gets managed. So measure inclusive decision making, and it will improve.

"The revolution in work won't come from automation, but rather power of behavioral data in professional settings. Cloverpop is one of the leading voices in this space."

 -- Laura I. Gómez, Atipica and Project Include

“Diversity and inclusion must go hand-in-hand to drive results. Cloverpop's research bolsters the case that diverse and inclusive teams see the best outcomes."

-- Laura Sherbin, Center for Talent Innovation

“Given the competitiveness of the tech industry, if you don't have diverse people involved in decision making at all levels, you are putting your company in a vulnerable position."

-- Aileen Lee, Cowboy Ventures

“It’s exciting to see how measuring inclusive decision making reveals a practical way for executives to use diversity to build organizational decisiveness.”

 -- Cassandra Frangos, Cisco Systems

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Inclusion and diversity = better decision making.

Inclusive decision making is a simple idea -- if you measure, manage and improve who is involved and how business decisions are made across your company, you can improve business performance. Inclusive decision making activates diversity to improve innovation, engagement, and results across the enterprise. It gives companies the opportunity to make quantum leaps ahead of their competition. And it drives meaningful change in months by focusing first on people who are already employed by organizations, using efficient processes combined with transparent metrics to do this systematically and at scale.

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Team Collaboration

Quickly bring the right people together to make decisions from anywhere, any time. Meetings optional!


Decision Notifications

Automatically communicate decisions made, people involved, choices considered and expectations set.


Decision Tracker

Record all your decisions in one place with the power to filter and find by timing, topic, decider and status.


Decision Flow

Frame decisions quickly and effectively using proven best practices based on behavioral science research.


Decision Follow Ups

Understand past choices, make course corrections, inform future decisions.


Decision Metrics

What gets measured gets managed better - diversity, decisiveness, results.


Decision Templates

Speed up decision making and keep it consistent with configurable templates.


Slack It

Integrate decisions with your favorite app. Use another one? Let us know!

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