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Elevate your organization’s decision-making
skills with targeted training.

Train Your Decision Makers

Decision practices drive 95% of business performance and 50% of employee engagement. Get in touch with us to learn how we can help you:
Improve execution of core business strategies.
Craft more nuanced decision recommendations.
Establish consistent decision making processes.


When you work with us to train your decision-makers, we use our decision expertise to craft a full-day training workshop targeted to build the most critical decision-making skills. We can have your custom training workshops up and running in two weeks, including a take-home decision framing manual.

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Shorten the path to powerful answers

We will train your decision-makers to use the power of “Decision-Back” analysis and insight generation to ensure a tight focus on solving the right business problems. The practical, scenario-based training will help leaders hone critical decision-making skills:

Take a holistic view of decisions to increase alignment with key business goals.

Use decision playbooks and decision trees to structure decisions consistently.

Using logic to communicate recommendations and drive stakeholder buy-in.


Ready to start? Let's elevate decision-making skills at your company.