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Coming Soon:
Decisions in Slack, solved.

We're solving decisions in Slack.


Slack is easy. But decisions are still too hard.

We want input fast, but conversations are all over the place. We need sign offs now, but it takes legwork track them down.  We want to get the word out quickly, but everybody is on different channels, literally. We want to be in the loop, but it's hard to pull decisions out of the stream. We forget what was decided and why, and we can't find it later.


Cloverpop for Slack makes it easier to navigate decisions. 

You don't want another tool. You just need Slack to work better.

ActiveBetter decisions

ActiveFaster communication

ActiveEasier tracking

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Slack + Cloverpop

Here's how it works.

Teams decide better and faster with Cloverpop for Slack. Get these easy and powerful features for your favorite place where work gets done:

ActiveDecision polls to get faster structured input in Slack.

ActiveDecision approvals in Slack for quick sign-offs and clear records.

ActiveDecision announcements to many Slack channels with one message.

Active1-step decision updates everywhere in Slack for when things change.

ActivePinpoint decision search without digging through every Slack message.

ActivePersonalized decision to dos to see every decision in Slack that affects you.

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