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Decisions in Slack, solved.

We're solving decisions in Slack.


Decisions in Slack are still too hard.

We want to get input and get the word out fast, but everybody is on different channels, literally.  We need sign offs now, but it takes legwork track them down.  We want to be in the loop, but it's hard to pull decisions out of the stream. We forget what was decided and why, and we rehash decisions when we can't find them later.


Cloverpop for Slack makes it easier to navigate decisions. 

The early access version of Cloverpop for Slack is simple yet powerful. The more your team uses it, the easier and more transparent decisions become.

ActiveBetter decisions

ActiveFaster communication

ActiveEasier tracking

Add Cloverpop to Slack and give it a try!

Slack + Cloverpop

Here's how it works.

Get started with these three quick slash commands to streamline your decision-making:

Active/cp poll to invite teammates to weigh in on decisions you're driving.

Active/cp announce to tell teammates about new decisions that impact them.

Active/cp approve to run decisions up the flag pole for sign-off.


No more forgetting, rehashing or feeling out of the loop -- just use these two super-powered slash commands:

Active/cp list to see and act on decisions that affect you.

Active/cp search [keywords] to search all your team's decisions.

Add Cloverpop to Slack and see how smooth decisions can be!

Add Cloverpop to Slack


Need support? The best way to get help is to join our Slack-based Cloverpop Community, or you can also email us.