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Decisions in Slack, solved.


😡 It's too easy to lose track of decisions in Slack.

We want input fast, but we're all on different channels, literally. We need sign-offs now, but it takes legwork to track them down. We want everyone in the loop, but decisions get lost in the stream. We forget what was decided and why, and rehash old decisions when we can't find them later.


😀 Now Cloverpop makes it easy to keep track! 

Project teams and creative, technical and marketing leaders use Cloverpop to decider faster, boost visibility and keep track of decisions in Slack:

  • Easy: Zero learning curve! Do it all in Slack.
  • Powerful: Track decisions start to finish.
  • Secure: SOC2 & EU/US Privacy Shield certified.
  • Free: Always free for unlimited decisions.


A free version works for any team. 

With Cloverpop, everyone can contribute to decisions for free! The free app for Slack includes unlimited decisions and unlimited participants for as long as you want. Elevate to our Decision Intelligence Platform for more powerful features, with training and coaching to transform your decision-making.

Join 1000+ companies using Cloverpop.
Add Cloverpop to Slack and try it for free!



Here's how it works.

Drive decisions anywhere in Slack using these five fast features to streamline your decision-making:


ActiveSend Decision Polls 
Invite teammates to weigh in on decisions you're driving.

ActiveRequest Approvals
Run decisions up the flagpole for sign‑off.

ActiveAnnounce Decisions
Share across many channels at once and get buy-in fast.

ActiveTrack Results
Keep decisions on track in Slack and export to Excel to analyze and learn.

ActiveFind Decisions
Use pinpoint search in Slack to find decisions without any noise.


No more forgetting or feeling out of the loop! See how smooth decisions can be:


Add to Slack


Want to try  Cloverpop but can't add apps to your own workspace? Here's what to do.



Cloverpop for Slack is SOC2 and Privacy Shield certified. Learn more about our security practices.