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Decision Making, Not Decision Faking:
How To Untell The Big Lie Underlying Business 
by Stowe Boyd, futurist & researcher,

We like to tell ourselves that business decisions are made rationally, applying logic and expertise, sifting evidence, and carefully weighing alternatives. Unfortunately, we don’t really make decisions that way - most of the time we fake it, instead.

The combination of cognitive biases, limited attention spans, and the tendency to overestimate our competence in areas we know little about add up to a lamentable tendency toward bad judgment. But we can change. And change we must, because decision making effectiveness is 95% correlated with business performance.

In this free whitepaper, Stowe Boyd leads a lively conversation with Cloverpop CEO Erik Larson to explore:

  • How to optimize decision making at your company using a simple checklist
  • How your company can use software to make decision making as trackable, measurable and predictable as all your other mission-critical business processes
  • Why decision-making software not only modernizes your process but also improves business performance by 20%

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