A proven decision-making platform for results-driven marketing teams.

Nail Your Marketing Strategy

You need to choose the right target markets, programs, positioning and technology from the start. Involve the right people and get clear agreement from the get-go without wasting cycles.

Execute In The Clear

There are a hundred decisions to make, from ideas and budgets to channels and schedules. Avoid decision logjams and keep stakeholders engaged and informed every step of the way.

Events With Less Insanity

Decide which events are worth your time and what to invest. Agree on locations and dates, topics and speakers, across all stakeholders. Communicate decisions fast to avoid last-minute-itis.

Marketing Strategy

Which customer segments should we focus on?
What are our top budget priorities?
How can we improve marketing operations?

Marketing Programs

What creative approach should we take?
Which advertising channels should we use?
How should we allocate campaign budgets?

Event Planning

Which events should we sponsor this year?
When should we do the partner event?
Who should be our keynote speaker?

Marketing Process

How can we improve next quarter?
What process changes do we need to make?
What can we do to get closer to customers?

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Great marketing needs great decision making.

You are on the hook for driving business results. But no one gets more opinions from across the organization. From plans, programs and creative to pricing and events, everyone’s a marketer until things go sideways. Getting to market requires orchestrating everyone from execs and sales teams to consultants and partners. With tough competition, you don’t have time to waste. Cloverpop can help. Align stakeholders, make and track decisions, secure buy-in, and execute faster and more effectively than ever.

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Team Collaboration

Quickly bring the right people together to make decisions from anywhere, any time. Meetings optional!


Decision Notifications

Automatically communicate decisions made, people involved, choices considered and expectations set.


Decision Tracker

Record all your decisions in one place with the power to filter and find by timing, topic, decider and status.


Decision Flow

Frame decisions quickly and effectively using proven best practices based on behavioral science research.


Decision Follow Ups

Understand past choices, make course corrections, inform future decisions.


Decision Metrics

What gets measured gets managed better - diversity, decisiveness, results.


Decision Templates

Speed up decision making and keep it consistent with configurable templates.


Slack It

Integrate decisions with your favorite app. Use another one? Let us know!

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