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Decision Practices Training for Leaders

Decision making is a critical skill for leaders at every level of your organization. Yet most leaders aren't taught proven practices that make the decision process more effective. Organizations fall short of their potential without a shared understanding and systematic approach for addressing common decision problems.

Our decision practices training for leaders sharpens skills to close those gaps:

  • Improve collective understanding of key practices from framing decisions and gathering input to communicating decisions and measuring results.
  • Develop organizational capabilities and decision practices that lead to better business results, increased innovation and employee engagement.
  • Get hands on practice applying Cloverpop's scientifically proven decision practices to real decisions.

Topics Covered

Built on unique behavioral research spanning a thousand companies and tens of thousands of business decisions, our training topics include:

  • Understanding why decisions drive 95% of business performance.
  • Using our Harvard Business Review checklist for faster, better decisions.
  • Framing decisions and gathering input to counter cognitive biases.
  • Buy-in, constructive dissent and communicating decisions that stick.

Tailored to Fit

We customize our training modules fit your organization's needs by using our Decision Practices Diagnostic to benchmark where you excel and focus where skills development is most needed.

Ready to improve decision practices at your company? Let's get started.


7 Key Decision Practices

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