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Designed for growth businesses and matrixed enterprises.

Our Decision Practices Assessment measures decision effectiveness, blazing a path to better, faster decisions and outstanding execution:

  • Compare your organization to performance benchmarks.
  • Diagnose the challenges holding your team back.
  • Target the highest impact improvements.

The assessment takes just 5 to 10 minutes for managers and leaders across your organization to complete. We'll share insights and recommendations based on your results within two weeks. The assessment is offered as a free service for qualified potential customers of the Cloverpop platform.

What you will learn.

In addition to seeing how your team’s decision making compares to similar organizations, you will also identify the main challenges holding your team back from top performance:

  • Are decisions made too slowly, with too many meetings?
  • Are people left out of the loop?
  • Do bad decisions stick around too long?
  • Do decisions churn and rehash, or do people disagree and commit?

And get targeted recommendations of the highest impact opportunities for improvement, like:

  • Communicating and tracking decisions for better results.
  • Clearly assigning responsibility for better follow-through.
  • Consistently framing decisions to align with key goals.
  • Getting more input from and empowering front-line managers.

Free Decision Practices Assessment