The enterprise decision-making platform for customer success.

More Decisive = More Proactive

When customers speak, you drive action. The right decisions today determine success tomorrow. Get Marketing, Sales, Product and others to weigh in, then decide with more accountability.

Never Waste a Crisis

Decide smarter and faster when things go sideways. Stop the chaos of internal meetings and side-conversations. Untangle problems faster. Track and share best practices so it doesn’t happen again.

Delegate and Scale Better

The bigger the team, the harder it is to keep your finger on the pulse. Empower teams to decide, and track decisions in one place. Smarter on-the-spot decisions, more visibility, happier customers.

How should we approach the upcoming account renewal?
What can we do to increase usage How can we expand this account over the next six months?

Account Decisions

How should we fix the issues with this account?
Is the scope of this case beyond the current SLA?
Should we issue a credit to the customer?

Crisis Decisions

How can we improve our customer onboarding experience?
How should we scale the customer success team?
Should we offer tiered service levels?

Planning Decisions

What should our support package be for the new offering?
How should we reorganize the team to deliver more value?
How can we scale the team?

Management Decisions

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Customer success needs great decision making.

You are the ultimate owner of the customer relationship. Your team is both the face of the company and the voice of the customer. When customers run into wrinkles in the customer experience, you iron them out across Marketing, Sales, Product, Engineering, Services and Training. And when customer crises arise, you’re on point to solve them now and head them off in the future. Cloverpop can help. Empower your team to be decisive while maintaining 100% visibility. Align stakeholders. Make and track decisions. Execute faster and more effectively than ever.

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Team Collaboration

Quickly bring the right people together to make decisions from anywhere, any time. Meetings optional!


Decision Notifications

Automatically communicate decisions made, people involved, choices considered and expectations set.


Decision Tracker

Record all your decisions in one place with the power to filter and find by timing, topic, decider and status.


Decision Flow

Frame decisions quickly and effectively using proven best practices based on behavioral science research.


Decision Follow Ups

Understand past choices, make course corrections, inform future decisions.


Decision Metrics

What gets measured gets managed better - diversity, decisiveness, results.


Decision Templates

Speed up decision making and keep it consistent with configurable templates.


Slack It

Integrate decisions with your favorite app. Use another one? Let us know!

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