Innovate and execute faster with the enterprise platform for business decisions.


Record and track important decisions for aligned execution and better outcomes.


Instantly share the what and why of decisions with full context for all stakeholders.


Speed up decision making, cut meeting time, and boost decision quality at the same time.


How Cloverpop Works



Cloverpop Decisions

Record and Track Decisions and Results 

With Cloverpop you can log and track all of your organization’s decisions in one secure system of record. No more delays and rehashing. Everyone has the same view of what was decided, why, by whom, and what happened. Record decisions in minutes. Delegate tasks to the right people with full transparency and accountability. Easily find decisions and stay in the loop with tagging, searching, and filtering.

Cloverpop Decision List

Make Better Decisions Faster Together 

Cloverpop is proven to speed up team decision-making and drive better results. Use Quick Polls to quickly take your team’s pulse on an issue. Guided Decision Flows and Custom Templates focus discussion, cutting meeting time from hours to minutes. Your personal AI Decision Coach suggests specific actions to improve decision outcomes with the least effort, and Advanced Choice Algorithms help point out better choices. 

Cloverpop Dashboard

Communicate Decisions Quickly

Cloverpop enables you to record decisions and communicate them with stakeholders in a single easy step. Interactive Decision Summaries give full context so teams can execute quickly and confidently. Email, Slack, and Webex Teams notifications keep everyone aligned and up-to-date.

Cloverpop Dashboard

Gain Insight and Improve Decision Practices

Cloverpop’s robust Decision Analytics provide breakthrough visibility into your organization’s pace of innovation and decision effectiveness over time. For the first time, track key decision metrics including velocity, quality, and alignment with organizational goals. Cloverpop charts a clear path to improve your decision practices for better business results.

Decision Database

Build a shared history of all your organization’s decisions in a single secure place.

Quick Record

Easily log the “who, what, why” to communicate and track decisions and results.

AI Decision Coach

Get real-time recommendations to improve outcomes for every business decision.

Decision Analytics

Gain visibility into your decision speed, quality, results and areas for improvement.

Tasks and To-dos

Delegate and track decision and execution tasks with a consolidated to-do list.

Decision Flows™

Cut meetings from hours to minutes by following best practices for framing and weighing in on decisions.

Advanced Choice Algorithms

Zero in on the best choices based on team ranking, goals and risk/benefit trade-offs.


Use Cloverpop with email and collaboration tools including Slack, Google docs, and Webex Teams.

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