The software platform for making, communicating and tracking decisions.


A faster way to decide.

Weigh in on decisions in minutes -- include perspectives across teams and time zones with fewer delays waiting for meetings to happen.


A better way to execute.

Communicate decisions with clear expectations to speed execution, eliminate backtracking and keep true north goals top of mind.


An easier way to manage.

Track decisions transparently so leaders can empower people to decide while keeping their finger on the pulse of the business.

The Decision-Making Process With Cloverpop



Cloverpop Decision Flow(TM)

Frame Up and Weigh In

Cloverpop makes it easy for decision makers to frame choices and invite key participants to weigh in. Pick the right Decision Flow™ for the situation and Cloverpop leads everyone through quick steps proven to defeat decision-making biases, avoid groupthink and uncover better choices over 90% of the time.

Cloverpop Decision Choices Comparision

Compare and Decide

Cloverpop simplifies the process of comparing choices and deciding based on the perspectives of key people involved. All the information needed for the decision is summarized in one place, revealing agreement and dissent for effective discussion and recording the context of the decision the instant it’s made.

Cloverpop Decision To Do List

Communicate and Track

Cloverpop creates one source of truth for decision making. Decisions are communicated clearly and automatically for better alignment and fast execution without backtracking. Results are tracked to increase good outcomes and correct bad ones, driving an ever more agile and effective decision-making process.

Cloverpop Optimize Decision Making

Optimize and Integrate

Cloverpop is a flexible cloud platform that adapts to your business environment. Decision templates optimize the product to streamline and standardize decisions in key business processes. Integrating Cloverpop with systems like Slack and Salesforce adds value where people already work without creating yet another place to go.


Team Collaboration

Quickly bring the right people together to make decisions from anywhere, any time. Meetings optional!


Decision Notifications

Automatically communicate decisions made, people involved, choices considered and expectations set.


Decision Tracker

Record all your decisions in one place with the power to filter and find by timing, topic, decider and status.


Decision Flow™

Frame decisions quickly and effectively using proven best practices based on behavioral science research.


Decision Follow Ups

Understand past choices, make course corrections, inform future decisions.


Decision Metrics

What gets measured gets managed better - decisiveness, alignment, inclusion, results.


Decision Templates

Speed up decision making and keep it consistent with configurable templates.


Slack It

Integrate decisions with your favorite app. Use another one? Let us know!

Learn how our science-based decision checklist drives 20% better business performance.

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