The enterprise decision-making platform for agile project management.

Cut Meetings, Deliver Results

Agile decisions swarm from all sides. Stop processing the chaos with more and more meetings. Start tracking and sharing decisions in one place. Get alignment and cut rehashing with no added effort.

Break Time Zone Barriers

Time zones build walls. Tear them down. Include people in decisions on their own time, even the quiet ones far away who really know what’s up. Frame up, weigh in, decide and execute in hours or days.

Scale Teams, Increase Velocity

When team complexity grows, individual productivity drops. Untangle process problems as they arise. Get new people up to speed faster. More transparency, less distraction, more building.

Based on how the last sprint went, how can we improve our process?
How should we approach improving our testing speed?
How can engineering always know the top project priorities?

Process Decisions

What is the most important focus area for the next sprint?
How should we prioritize upcoming epics?
Which sub-systems should we upgrade next?

Priority Decisions

What are the top requirements for this role?
Which candidate should we choose?
Who should manage the new project team?

People Decisions

How should we upgrade components to increase performance?
What should we do to increase system security?
Which vendor should we select for continuous monitoring?

Technical Decisions

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Great projects need great decision making.

Overcoming tradeoffs is your life’s work. Being agile is better than being rigid, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Every day your agile project team navigates the Bermuda Triangle of speed, cost and quality. Business expectations are high, and competitors are innovating. Great ideas bubble up alongside big challenges. Clear goals quickly splinter into 100s of decisions and an onslaught of meetings while time keeps burning. You want to delegate more decision making to the front lines to build ownership and develop creative talent. And you still need 100% visibility, because results matter and the buck stops with you. Cloverpop can help.

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Team Collaboration

Quickly bring the right people together to make decisions from anywhere, any time. Meetings optional!


Decision Notifications

Automatically communicate decisions made, people involved, choices considered and expectations set.


Decision Tracker

Record all your decisions in one place with the power to filter and find by timing, topic, decider and status.


Decision Flow

Frame decisions quickly and effectively using proven best practices based on behavioral science research.


Decision Follow Ups

Understand past choices, make course corrections, inform future decisions.


Decision Metrics

What gets measured gets managed better - diversity, decisiveness, results.


Decision Templates

Speed up decision making and keep it consistent with configurable templates.


Slack It

Integrate decisions with your favorite app. Use another one? Let us know!

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