Cloverpop solves the decision problem, so you can be even more effective at work.

Our new Cloverpop for Slack app includes the essential power of our Enterprise decision platform, with a lot more value on the way.

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Communicate Starter Team Enterprise
Multi-channel decision announcements
Instant decision feedback & buy-in
One-step decision updates
Advanced sharing permissions
Find Starter Team Enterprise
Full-context decision search
See all decisions that affect you
Decision tags    
Advanced report filters  
Decide Starter Team Enterprise
Decision polls
top choice, multiple-choice, ranked
Essential framing best practices
more choices, "pre-mortems"
Decision document attachments
Decision delegation
Advanced framing best practices
goals, risk-benefit, biases & more
AI choice comparisons
ranking, fit with goals, risk benefit
AI decision practice suggestions    
Track Starter Team Enterprise
Essential decision records
what, why & who
Decision approvals
Decision results tracking
Automatic results reminders
Full decision report CSV export
Advanced decision records
goals, open Qs & more
Auditable decision activity history    
Security Starter Team Enterprise
Encrypted in transit & at rest
Groups, roles & permissions
SAML Authentication    
Enterprise Transformation Starter Team Enterprise
Decision templates    
Linked related decisions    
Decision task tracking    
Shared decision goals    
Downloadable decision summary PDFs    
Decision activity dashboard
velocity, goals, inclusion & quality
Support & Success Starter Team Enterprise
Slack-based Cloverpop Community workspace
In-context help and FAQs
Standard support
Slack, web portal & email
Premiere support
Onboarding, coaching
Decision Practices Diagnostic
benchmarks, analysis & exec preso
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Cloverpop Pricing FAQs

The Starter plan includes one decider seat to create and manage decisions in one Slack workspace. Everyone else in your workspace can continue to participate in decisions by responding to polls, approving decisions, receiving decision announcements, searching for past decisions and listing out recent decisions.

After your Team trial period, your account will be changed to the free Starter plan.

No credit card is required for the Starter plan.

During your free trial, you and everyone in your workspace have unlimited access to everything that the Team plan offers. This includes adding decisions, creating polls, sending announcements, requesting approvals, tracking decision results, listing recent decisions and searching all team decisions.

You don’t need a credit card for the free trial. At the end of the 30-day trial period, your workspace will revert to the Starter plan, which includes one free decider, and you can upgrade to the Team plan at any time.

Trials of Cloverpop Enterprise are also available on an as needed basis, please contact us for a demo to learn more.

People assigned as deciders can create and manage new decisions, invite people to polls, make announcements, request decision approvals. 

Everyone can use the decider features during the Team for Slack trial period, except Slack workspace guest users.

When upgrading to the Cloverpop for Teams or Enterprise paid plans, you can add as many decider seats as you want for your workspace. The Cloverpop administrator then assigns these as needed. Typically about 10- to 20-percent of the people in a workspace end up as deciders, but you can start small and grow from there. And the Starter plan always includes one free decider!

All other Cloverpop workspace users have access to powerful free features available to them as described below. You may add free workspace users to your Cloverpop organization as your team grows.

In all plans, everyone in your workspace can participate in decisions by voting in polls, approving decisions, receiving decision announcements, listing recent decisions and searching for past decisions. The only thing workspace users can’t do is create and manage new decisions.

On the Enterprise plan, all users can also access and export summary reports and individual decision reports and view the decision analytics dashboard.

In the Starter and Team plans, the Billing Manager is able to assign decider seats, manage subscription options and credit card payment information and review past payments and invoices through the billing interface

The person who first adds Cloverpop to Slack will be assigned as the Billing Manager. Please email or contact us by website chat if you would like to re-assign the Billing Manager role to someone else in the Slack workspace.

Deciders can create and manage new decisions, invite people to polls, make announcements, request decision approvals and other similar capabilities related to creating and managing decisions.

In the Enterprise plan, Admin users are able to assign decider seats as well as manage goals, tags, users and groups through the Settings tab of the Enterprise web user interface. Admin users do not have access to billing settings.

Billing Managers can change or cancel their subscription at any time by adding or removing decider seats. Additional seats will be charged on a pro-rated basis for the current billing period. Removing seats will result in a pro-rated refund for the current billing period. If all paid decider seats are removed from your Team plan, your account will revert to the Starter plan.

Billing Managers can also change the billing period between monthly and annual billing. Any changes to the billing period will take effect immediately or when the trial period ends, whichever happens later.

Everyone can continue to manage any decisions they created using Cloverpop. This includes any decisions created during the trial period.

As a rule of thumb, about 10- to 20-percent of the people in a workspace end up as deciders, but you can start small and grow from there.

We’d be happy to help you figure that out and create a flexible plan that’s just right for your situation. Please contact us to talk about it!

We’d be happy to create a flexible plan so everyone on your team can create and manage decisions. Please contact us for a quote so everyone on your team can take full advantage.

We can invoice you, but only for annual agreements on the Team or Enterprise plans. Please contact us if you prefer invoicing.

If you are paying month-to-month, we require a credit card where you will be automatically billed each monthly billing cycle. Following the standard upgrade process will add a credit card to your account.

We take security very seriously and receive high marks from auditors and security-conscious customers. We're more than happy to complete a security questionnaire for customers considering an Enterprise plan. We can also make available reports from our most recent SOC audit upon request.

For customers considering a Starter or Team plan, please read about how we protect your information through careful security practices and a clear privacy policy. You can also reach out to or our website chat if you have questions around Cloverpop’s security practices.

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