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Our new enterprise software platform is the system of record for business decisions.


Communicate Team Enterprise Advisory Services
Multi-channel decision announcements
Instant decision feedback & buy-in
One-step decision updates
Advanced sharing permissions
Find Team Enterprise Advisory Services
Full-context decision search
See all decisions that affect you
Decision categories  
Advanced report filters  
Comprehensive "Decision Bank"
Decide Team Enterprise Advisory Services
Decision polls
top choice, multiple-choice, ranked
Essential framing best practices
more choices, "pre-mortems"
Decision delegation
Structured decision trees
Decision-specific data sources   Contact us
AI-driven insights and recommendations   Contact us
Track Team Enterprise Advisory Services
Essential decision records
what, why & who
Decision results tracking
Automatic results reminders
Decision approvals
Security Team Enterprise Advisory Services
Encrypted in transit & at rest
Groups, roles & permissions
SAML Authentication     Contact us
Enterprise Transformation Team Enterprise Advisory Services
Decision tree templates   Contact us
Decision activity dashboard
Draft, In-flight, Results
Assigned decision collaborators  
Downloadable decision summary PDFs  
Decision Success Team Enterprise Advisory Services
In-context help
Enterprise success
Phone, chat, email
Enterprise onboarding   Contact us
Decision Structuring
Drivers, data sources, participants
    Contact us
Decision Practices Training
Diagnostics, roadmap, change management
    Contact us

Cloverpop Pricing FAQs

The Team plan allows people to create, participate in and manage decisions in one Slack or Microsoft Teams workspace. This includes responding to polls, approving decisions, receiving decision announcements, searching for past decisions and listing out recent decisions.

In the Enterprise plan, Admin users are able to assign decider seats as well as manage goals, tags, users and groups through the Settings tab of the Enterprise web user interface. Admin users do not have access to billing settings.

Yes! We'd be happy to help you figure that out and create a flexible plan that’s just right for your situation. Please contact us to talk about it!

We can invoice you, but only for annual agreements on the Enterprise plans. Please contact us if you prefer invoicing.

We take security very seriously and receive high marks from auditors and security-conscious customers. We're more than happy to complete a security questionnaire for customers considering an Enterprise plan. We can also make available reports from our most recent SOC audit upon request.

For customers considering a Starter or Standard plan, please read about how we protect your information through careful security practices and a clear privacy policy. You can also reach out to or our website chat if you have questions around Cloverpop’s security practices.

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